Welcome to NVRacing

Welcome to NVRacing

Are you interested in meeting other athletes and training for a vast amount of exciting outdoor sporting activities? Then team up with other racers and train together for numerous events throughout the year as part of NVRacing!

We are proud of our multi-sport training program that introduces novices and skilled athletes alike to Adventure Racing, Triathlons, Trail Running and other outdoor activities.

NVRacing has merged into Rev3Adventure.com

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REV3 is currently looking for 2 males and 2 females to be part of our local Adventure Racing team. All team members receive a racing kit including bike shorts, bike jersey, and summer racing shirt.  They will also receive 50% off All REV3 races and sponsor gear from Mountain Khakis and Power Bar.  Our local racers will be considered ambassadors of the REV3 brand and assist with team training sessions, race course design, and post racing reports on Facebook and our team blog. If you are interested send a brief email to mike at rev3adventure.com.

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Adventure racing is a combination of two or more disciplines, such as orienteering and navigating, cross-country running, mountain biking, paddling and climbing, and related rope exercises.

An expedition event can span ten days or more, while sprints can be completed in a matter of hours. Typically, there is no dark period during races, no matter how long the race. Racers must choose if or when to rest.

The races are usually continuous – the clock does not stop until the teams cross the finish line. Due to the challenging nature of adventure races, not all teams will finish the course. In long multi-day races the intensity may prevent up to 75% of the teams from finishing the course!

The intent of the sport is to challenge yourself and your team physically, mentally and spiritually, while exploring and experiencing the outdoors.

A common approach to adventure racing is to “compete to complete” – teams work to finish the course more than they strive to beat other teams. There is a strong sense of “it’s you against the course” in adventure racing that other activities just don’t have. Adventure racing challenges athletes to navigate their way through the countryside, using only maps and compasses, and to find a pre-determined number of checkpoints in order to complete the course. Racers cannot use motorized transit or aids such as GPS systems.